White cone piling caps installed on dock pilings in Spanish Wells, Bahamas


SSi’s piling caps are easy to install and are an excellent, inexpensive way to protect costly pilings from rot and deterioration. They are stocked in increments from 4” (140mm) up to 18”(457mm) with larger  round cone caps available up to 30”(762mm) – please inquire for sizes and pricing.

SSi piling caps are available in 2 styles – standard “Flat” or “Cone”. The “Cones” are designed to help discourage sea  birds from landing on them and make it easier to throw lines over pilings. SSi caps are typically installed  by drilling nail holes and attaching with galvanized roofing nails. (not included)

The most popular sizes (7″ to 13″) of cone shaped caps are injection molded, UV inhibited polypropylene.  The larger sizes of cone caps and all flat caps are thermoformed using a superior grade of heavy duty low density polyethylene (LDPE) with estimated life in excess of 15 years for black caps and in excess of 9 years for white caps (actual life of piling caps is not guaranteed)  SSi’s thermoformed black caps are specified for applications requiring an extended service life in extreme conditions such as caps for composite utility poles.

SSi piling caps are distributed by a number of distributors for dock and marine products listed below. The link will open in a new window.


They do an excellent job of keeping squirrels out of bird feeders too.